Type II and IIR Facemasks


Suzanne Lynch Design responded to the Covid pandemic by supplying health authorities and pharmacies with surgical facemasks, other PPE and medical devices.

Now as we gradually return to normal with regulations requiring the use of face masks on public transport, we will continue to stock surgical masks and infrared thermometers for our clients and individuals. We will, of course, offer the most highly competitive pricing.

Our single-use, disposable surgical facemasks are fully CE marked and certified to EN14683 Type II or IIR. The main difference between Type II and Type IIR is splash resistance and breathability. Type IIR face masks are splash resistant whereas Type II are not. We would recommend Type IIR  where there is likely to be usage over an extended period of time as they have higher breathability. For everyday use on trains, in offices we recommend Type II.

The facemasks are packaged in boxes of 50 pieces. As with all 3-ply surgical masks it is recommended that they are worn for a maximum of 3 hours before changing.

Performance requirements for medical face masks

Test  Type I a Type II Type IIR
Bacterial filtration
efficiency (BFE), (%)
≥ 95 ≥ 98 ≥ 98
Differential pressure
< 40 < 40 < 60
Splash resistance
pressure (kPa)
Not required Not required ≥ 16,0
Microbial cleanliness
≤ 30 ≤ 30 ≤ 30


Type I medical face masks should only be used for patients and other persons to reduce the risk of spread of infections particularly in epidemic or pandemic situations. Type I masks are not intended for use by healthcare professionals in an operating room or in other medical settings with similar requirements.

We offer significant discounts for larger quantities.